Sunday, January 30, 2011

Im not that one.

Halo.perasaan aku sekarang ni memang sedih tahap dewa.Aku juga ada sixth sense yang kuat.
menjadi mangsa keadaan memang tension kan?

I admitted that i am not really good in that.As a SPM candidate i have to improve my vocab.Thats why I always bring my dictionary everywhere.even that time no need it.If we want to get something we should try hard right?

so,tonight a 'miracle' happened.Just because of my dictionary,everything misinterpreted.orang yang tidak salah jadi salah.everything is wrong.memang mendukacita sangat.

The moral value for tonight is,we should find out first before we ask other people.We must do that!

Seriously,for those who read this entry may be does not understand what happened.But try to put you on my will know that.menjadi mangsa keadaan memang tension!

P/S::jangan cuba menyelami masalah saya. :P